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How it started..


Who is Ffion?

Hi there, I'm Ffion; a Super Welsh name I know (I'm also fluent in Welsh). I own and run Barefoot.Tech. Nice to meet you!

I graduated as a fashion product designer in 2020 during the pandemic. I managed to get a few freelance fashion jobs whilst also being a key worker during the height of Covid-19. My previous work has been featured with TikTok, YKK, and London Fashion Week. During the lockdown periods, I decided to start up Barefoot.Tech as I had many wetsuits left from my graduate collection and wanted to put them to good use; since then Barefoot.Tech has grown to get a lot of engagement worldwide and I can't express how grateful I am to be able to do and share what I love with you guys!

Waterskiing has been a big part of my upbringing so to be able to bring the Waterworld into my real world has been the best! Thanks for checking out my website.

Inspired by a personal upbringing of waterskiing on the Lakes of South Wales sparked an intense curiosity on the vas amount of wetsuits and life jackets stored at Ffion's home, a recent fashion graduate from Arts University Bournemouth. Motivated by the aesthetic and character of all the neglected garments sparked the beginning of Barefoot. Tech. 

Reusing and recycling vintage wetsuits and life jackets into innovative, fashionable pieces gives another life cycle to these wetsuits that would have ended up in a landfill—all other Barefoot. Tech fabrics are recycled from deadstock or passed down from Nana Christine (the patchwork queen in the picture on the left). Every product is unique and handmade. 

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What's the message?

As a newly ethical brand, we must continue to improve our part in the fashion industry; we are doing this by recycling 80% of our fabrics and using a zero-waste approach. All our products are shipped in Eco-friendly packaging and can be recycled. We take pride in being honest with our customers and strive to have a greater sustainable future.

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