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Showcasing Barefoot. Tech to YKK & Christopher Raeburn at GFW.

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

9th of June 2020, I had the pleasure of presenting my graduate collection Barefoot. Tech for the YKK accessories and the Considered Fashion award.

YKK Accessories Award: I was the first person to present to the Accessories Judges who were; Kei Kegami and Benjamin Hallt. I loved talking about every part of my project and I sensed they were impressed that the zips used in my collection were all vintage YKK zips and recycled from the wetsuits.

Considered Fashion Award: This award was judged by Patrick McDowell and Christopher Raeburn, both of which I idolise. I have been to many events where Patrick McDowell has spoken, to have had the opportunity to talk in front of him, and Christopher Raeburn was incredible. They share the importance of sustainability within the fashion industry and gave me valuable advice for the future.

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