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Where To Find Inspiration

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Where to find inspiration

Inspiration is super important to me, without it I feel like I hit a creative wall, I guess like writer's block. I'm sure everyone has lacked a bit of inspiration at least once in their life. Having no inspiration feels like you’re staring at a blank canvas for hours and you have no idea what to paint, write, mold, sign, think about even look at.

That's why it's important to be surrounded by things that inspire you daily. I love having images around my studio of memories, friends, and places I adore. I also have my secret vision board pinned to the wall that I admire every day. You want to have a safe place you can get creative, feel inspired and be yourself, “with great inspiration comes greater productivity”

When it comes to creating accessories, I get inspired by the colours and textures that already exist in the wetsuits. Pairing up random sleeves to knee patches, zippers that sit in the right place… Just the bright colours and patches alone inspire me to create something fun. Don't get me wrong it doesn't always turn out great but it's having the imagination and motivation to get creative, that's what’s great about being inspired.

Tips to help you get inspired:

  • 1) Have images in your workspace that remind you of things you love (family, friends, holidays, sports, hobbies, etc.)

  • 2) Having plants, flowers, and greenery inside gives a sense of life, Bringing the outside inside.

  • 3) This one isn't your typical tip; but sometimes being in a cluttered, untidy ( i like to call it an organized mess) workspace can help you find the inspiration that's already lying there. It can be easier to gather an idea from the stuff lying around you, other than staring into a clean and organized space not knowing where to start.

  • 4) Take a trip through your camera roll, starting as far back as you can. Sometimes an old image can spark new inspiration

  • 5) Go outside and talk to strangers, new conversations also ignite inspiration.

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